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Founded in 1993, Karen Dash Consulting LLC is a full-service consulting firm providing strategic planning, program evaluation, and management consulting services to national clients in the government, educational, non-profit, and corporate sectors. Built on the principles of service to the greater community, and the facilitation of operational and financial goals for organizations across multiple industries, KDC has a long track record of helping groups assess their stakeholders’ needs, best allocate funds within regulatory standards, and develop initiatives and systems that help communities, local governments, and federal programs.

Our founder, Karen Dash is an award-winning program analyst with 20+ years of experience in academic, government, and corporate settings. Offering leadership expertise in innovative and strategic management of resources and programs, and with experience working with countless successful business models, Ms. Dash brings a proven track record of synthesizing complex information to create strategic plans, program evaluations, research designs, business models, and training programs tailored to a variety of audiences.

Under Ms. Dash’s leadership, KDC has strategically developed numerous government, library, and health programs and initiatives, including grant-funded programs. Additionally, our work has ranged from innovative research in student achievement, to comprehensive and holistic reviews of a jurisdiction’s community development services for Consolidated Planning. KDC has been a part of consulting work at Duke University and in Washington D.C. in education and STEM programs, as well as numerous evaluations for the U.S. Department of Education

When necessary, KDC pulls in additional experts from the public and private sector that are particularly skilled in their sharp, focused targeting of maximizing an organization’s strengths while identifying and responding creatively to its challenges. Altogether, the work of Karen Dash Consulting LLC is to make your organization stronger and moving ever-closer to your goals and objectives.