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Economic Analysis Forecasting


Organizations like yours exist in a multitude of environments — including the political and economic — that must be understood fully to succeed.

Our team of experts can provide your organization with the tools and insights to understand the current state and future direction of your organization’s economic and demographic environments.

Economic and Demographic Forecasts

Forecasting your organization’s economic needs hinges on understanding how the community you operate in will evolve in the coming years, even decades. What will this mean for your strategic planning efforts?

With years of experience in economic forecasting that has included developing 25-year population and labor force forecasts for the 29-county New York metropolitan region, we recognize the critical role that such insights play in an organization’s success and survival.

Additionally, KDC conducts and/or utilizes Demographic and Economic forecasts in much of its analyses as standard practice.

Economic Impact Studies

For as long as there are taxes on income, goods, and services, governments and citizens will seek out clear assurances that their tax dollars provide a strong return on investment. A comprehensive Economic Impact Study can highlight the direct and indirect benefits your organization confers on the community it serves.