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Program Evaluation and Assessment


Having evaluated dozens of programs in the public and private sectors for program effectiveness, dynamics, and data resourcing, KDC is uniquely qualified to ensure the work you’re already doing is effective and efficient. With evaluation clients like Duke and Columbia Universities, to leading independent K-12 schools, to the US Department of Education, KDC’s commitment to your program’s excellence and the proof therein, is unparalleled.

KDC will engage all of your stakeholders in an exhaustive review of each aspect of your program. This 360 degree Program Evaluation and Assessment offers fresh, innovative insights into developing measurable, actionable metrics that provide audiences with a “real-world” impact measure.

It’s not enough to say your programs are effective; today’s leaders seek hard metrics to quantify program impact.

Data Collection and Needs Gap Analyses

As part of your program evaluation, KDC can identify your institution’s existing data resources and needs. Properly assessing the existing gaps in your institution’s data collection efforts, and how can they most efficiently be addressed, will save you time and resources, and allow your program to have maximum impact.

Developing this “data culture” among your stakeholders can facilitate internal program assessment while changing the language of assessment.